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All That You Need to Know about Adson Forceps

From the family of dissecting forceps, the Adson forceps have specific features that make them particularly attractive to allow the surgeon to hold or release an element, in all delicacy. Let’s find out what makes Adson forceps so special in the world of dissection. From oisto learn about the same now.

Alfred Washington Adson

As you know, many medical devices are named after their father. We had the opportunity to discover or rediscover this through one of our articles: surgical instruments and their inventors. The Adson clamp is one of these instruments because it would be created by Alfred Washington Adson. Alfred Washington Adson is a brilliant surgeon who practiced his medical degree in 1914 until the end of his career in 1946.

In 1921, Alfred Washington Adson became head of the neurosurgery service. A poor relative of surgery at the time, neurosurgery had been put on the sidelines for many years; other surgeries seemed more attractive at the time.

It is in this context that Alfred Washington Adson will be passionate about neurosurgery and will explore many corners of neurosurgery:

  • Operability of brain tumors,
  • Drainage of brain abscesses,
  • Management of osteomyelitis of the bones of the skull,
  • Craniosinus fistulas,
  • Spinal tumors

Alfred Washington Adson’s work touches almost the entire spectrum of neurosurgery with the notable exception of trauma. He will have studied:

  • Skull,
  • The spine,
  • The vegetative system,
  • Infections,


His practice of neurosurgery led him to need a particular instrument such as a forceps which has a good grip, a good grip, while offering precision and minimally traumatizing the chairs.

The clamp Adson been born.

What is Adson’s forceps?

The purpose of Adson forceps is to provide precision grip, while minimizing trauma to the tissue.

The main element of the Adson pliers is therefore the finesse of its jaw associated with wide pliers to ensure a good grip of the whole. Thanks to the Adson forceps, the surgeon can use it to hold an element to be released or to isolate while allowing the assembly to be held with great finesse.

The Adson forceps therefore first and foremost play their role of dissection forceps and provide the surgeon with precision and finesse of execution.

The Adson forceps are precision dissection forceps and as such, their length is generally 12 to 15 centimeters. The 12-centimeter version is the most popular with surgeons; the clamp is short enough for good handling, and long enough for comfortable gripping.

Another characteristic of Adson forceps is that they are rather loose compared to other dissection forceps; this always with the aim of offering the least traumatic forceps for the tissues.

Indeed, the dissection forceps always seek the compromise between robustness and delicacy. The Adon pliers make the choice of delicacy. Its narrow jaw, combined with its great delicacy, makes the Adson forceps an essential forceps for surgeries on delicate structures which can easily be damaged.

Although much more traumatic than in its version without claw, the Adson forceps are also available with claws and with mouse teeth . This addition of claw or mouse teeth is intended to increase its robustness, to the detriment of its delicacy. The claws or teeth of mice will be particularly appreciated when it comes to coming to hold small hard and resistant elements. The Adson forceps with claw are a valuable ally when placing skin sutures or staples.