V City Name General Great Gaming Choices for the Max Payne Action Games

Great Gaming Choices for the Max Payne Action Games

On the other
hand, the characters are less colorful than in the first part. All are both
primary and secondary. Max has grown old, aching a lot about his life, and
rather ordinary idiots surround him, of which it is unlikely that anyone can be
singled out.

Cold day online

Finally, let’s
say a few words about multiplayer, which is not only present here, but also
worthy of mention. The logical background of what is happening in the fields of
network battles is simple and concise. Throughout the game, Max will regularly
meet a variety of gangs, which, among other things, will fight with each other,
it is in these wars that we will participate online.

The main feature
of the local multiplayer is time dilation. This has already been done in dear
but Rockstar came up with to slow it down not on the entire map at the same
time, but in a certain area. When a player activates a slow mo, everything
around him within a radius of several meters slows down. And the rest continue
to run on the map at the same speed. There is a simple but pleasant “pumping”,
where with each level they give access to new weapons, useful things and more.
Now that you can play with the LoL Smurfs you can actually come up
with the best choices there.

But we will not focus heavily on this. We will only make a reservation that due to a couple of fresh ideas, a pleasant balance and unstressed modes, playing on the network is quite interesting. In addition, you can gather a gang of friends and act as an organized group.

Max Payne 3

Now a bird will
fly. The main problem at the moment is that it is not always possible to play

  • At first, even in the
    “single” game started up with difficulty. Now these problems remain
    only in multiplayer, because I personally regularly throw me out after 5-7
    minutes of playing the main menu. We really hope that this trouble will be
    fixed in the coming days.

Now, back to the
question that was outlined at the very beginning: did Rockstar have exactly
“Max Payne”? What do we have in the end? And we have an excellent crime
thriller in which you can only find fault with music, the rest is exclusively
gustatory. In addition, this is quite a continuation of the series, because Max
is not just for show (he is even voiced by the old actor). Bald Payne, at the
sight of which fans spit bile, there are not so many, by the way.

Last Words

Yes, the
characters are not so bright and charismatic came out. Yes, Max achs a lot and
does it without much fiction. But still, he is not a thirty-year-old former
family man, overwhelmed with hatred – we are faced with a tired alcoholic with
a hypertrophied sense of justice, which does not allow him to shoot himself in
the forehead.

So the answer is
yes, Rockstar made Max Payne. Another thing is that Max has changed.
Nevertheless, despite the relative dissimilarity to the previous parts, the
game was a success.