V City Name Education Greater Wishes for the Best Party for Colleague’s retirement

Greater Wishes for the Best Party for Colleague’s retirement

If you have time and your colleagues have talent, prepare delicious meals yourself. Rice salad, pasta salad, Lorraine quiches, pizzas, cakes, etc. Divide the tasks for a simpler organization and for a more varied buffet.

Want something really special?

You’re in luck, there is the option. If there are sunny skies, take the opportunity to organize a barbecue on the office terrace. There are sausages, kebabs, grills, crisps and some pastries to finish the meal in style. Friendly and dynamic, the barbecue is the ideal activity for an original starting drink. With the choices have the Rolls of barbecues delivered to you during the day, in just a few clicks.

Our advice: Before shopping, find out about everyone’s dietary restrictions to make sure everyone can snack on something.

Fun and friendly activities

Choosing activities is surely the most complicated task for a starter, and even more so when you want to be discreet so as not to be spotted by the star of the day.

Several options are available to you:

You can think of using a traditional event agency. Unfortunately, in addition to being expensive, you will have to spend a lot of time organizing everything: choosing a service provider, receiving a quote, sending a deposit, etc.

A real obstacle course

Another possibility is to improvise with the means at hand, but let’s be honest, this may remain gadget and system D. Finally, you can call Happy Larry and book activity kits that will certainly seduce all your colleagues. Karaoke, blind music test, table football, ping pong, etc. With the options have a kit of objects delivered to you during the day in just a few clicks for a memorable starting drink. You can also go for the best wishes here now.

A little souvenir

Beyond the traditional kitty for a nice starting gift, you can ask all the members of your team to send you by email a funny anecdote about your colleague. These anecdotes do not have to be long, two to three sentences can be enough. Then collect all these anecdotes and read them during the party. Your colleague must now guess who wrote what. Format these anecdotes in the form of a guest book and offer it as a farewell gift.

The hour has come

Your boxes are ready, your things are put away, your office is empty. It’s almost time to leave your company and say goodbye to all your colleagues who have become friends. Three years working in this company, you are not going to save yourself like a thief and escape the traditional starting pot. Only, the problem is that you do not want a classic starter pot: peanuts, sparkling wine, speech, gift, subway and dodo. No. You want something other than a mundane starter. You fell well because here we reveal some tips to mark the spirits during your starting pot.