V City Name Home Perfect Designers and The Best Paintings for You

Perfect Designers and The Best Paintings for You

Over the years,
several interior designers have established rules to respect for a room to be
painted to perfection. Try to apply at least one of these rules to optimize
your results:

Find the perfect color scheme

To find three
colors that go together when you paint a room, rely on the colors of the color
wheel. Try to opt for complementary, adjacent or other arrangements. To help
you choose a logical and efficient arrangement, consult our basic guide on
color arrangements.

Look at the adjacent rooms

Have you ever
visited a house where the paint choices were very mismatched from room to room?
Naturally, this is not pleasing to the eyes. Usually this feeling arises when
owners try to do too much with different concepts.

It can be
interesting to give each room its own style and colors, but it must always be
taken into account that the interior of a house must be consistent from one
room to another. Painting can be this unifying element. Before choosing a
particular shade, think about its appearance vis-à-vis your existing pieces. The
colors should live in harmony. From the painters and
decorators london
you can find the best opportunities now.

Think about your emotions

  • It is well known that colors
    are often associated with different ranges of emotions. This is proven and can
    really affect you when you spend a lot of time in a room with a dominant color.
  • Soft, cool and neutral colors
    generally create a feeling of calm while stronger colors are more dramatic.
  • Warmer, contrasting and slightly
    brighter colors add to a sociable atmosphere. Green blues and deeper neutrals
    will give a more formal atmosphere.
  • Be careful not to
    over-stimulate your children with intensely vibrant hues . Some brighter colors
    can cause irritability.
  • We have written an article that
    discusses the color choices you should make based on your personality.

Don’t get caught by the color chart

The color charts
provided in store or online are very handy for selecting the right colors.
However, remember that the shade applied is generally darker than that seen on
the color chart. This is due to several factors such as the lighting, the
different layers of paint and even the shape and orientation of the support.
Choose a shade below the one you want to avoid this surprise!

Test the effect of lighting on your color

This is why the
rooms are often very different at night compared to the day. With this in mind,
it is essential to make sure that you will be satisfied with your choice of
color, whatever the time of day.