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Piano Moving: What Are Your Options

When you move in, be very careful with the piano. Pianos can weigh many kilos. If you have an upright or large traditional piano, it is best, in most cases, to hire a moving company rather than move the piano yourself. There are numerous piano moving companies across the country – some only move piano, while others move all types or all old furniture. Make sure you find a company that suits your needs, and make sure it’s done carefully.


Plan the path of the piano

The first thing the company like denver movers will want to know is what type of route they will have to travel. Find out how many steps your piano will have to go down. If it is more than one or two plants, you will likely have to pay a higher price. If there are some difficult turns or corners on the way, you need to specify that as well.

Obtain a company specialized in the transportation of pianos. If you are moving all of your furniture, it can be tempting to put the piano with the rest of the move, but this can be dangerous. Search the Internet or the phone book for piano companies that do the service in your area. If possible, read online reviews from the company.

Request a quote online

Most piano moving companies have online forms where you can enter your moving information to get a quote before making a moving decision. It is best to do it with several companies to determine the best offer. When you receive a reasonable estimate, the next step will be to call the company to execute the service. Be prepared to give them the dimensions of your piano.

Be careful when moving the piano

The staff are well trained, but only you know the condition of your piano. If he has an unstable front leg or a broken wrist, it is his job to publicize this, to make employees aware of it.

  • During a move packing and moving could turn into a nightmare. However, we can completely free ourselves from this work if we decide to hire a specialized moving company.
  • When it comes to the relocation of belongings, it is also recommended that the moving company do it, and especially if it is a large move.

And if you have expensive (delicate) furniture or works of art or pianos etc., the execution of the move by an experienced company is also the safest. If you decide to move on your own, it may be cheaper, but there is a risk that your valuables will be damaged and you will end up under unnecessary stress.