V City Name Games The Beginning of the Success with the Destroyer Ship Games

The Beginning of the Success with the Destroyer Ship Games

All the time, keep at least 3-4
destroyer ships near your shores to destroy ships with enemies. There is one
more trick: when the enemies create many foot or horse (but not firing) unique
units, sacrifice a settler to build a piece of the wall at the very edge of the
water. When a crowd of enemies rush to the shore to attack your wall, drive
them and blow up 2-3 destroyer ships. Each destroyer ship with a successful
approach can detonate up to 15 enemy soldiers. With valorant boosting winning such games become

Make the Best Endeavor

Try to examine the stone wall as
quickly as possible and protect it with more land so that it can only be
penetrated through your gate. Enemies will not be able to penetrate you, but
the allies can pass through the open gates, so use the “lock the
gates” function, otherwise they will begin to extract resources in your
territory and take everything to themselves. At certain intervals, towers
should be placed near the walls, and archers should be placed in them in
especially dangerous places (if you do not, enemies will gradually destroy all
the walls). It’s better to have a forest adjacent to the inside of your wall
even if enemies break through the wall, they won’t be able to go through the
trees. And to protect against the fact that the settlers of the enemies can cut
down the forest, put towers on the border of the forest, they will also shoot
at the settlers if you establish diplomatic relations with opponents on the

  • Trade with other cities is very profitable, but
    sea trade is better – when the cart passes through the gate, they open, and
    enemies can pass through them.
  • Scorpions are not very convenient weapons (slow,
    easily destroyed). Your ballistae (catapults) can kill the highest soldiers, so
    keep the troops behind them.

On the battlefield it is very
convenient (if you have time) to create squares protected by at least a picket
fence. in which you need to put the monks. They will heal your soldiers
directly during the battle, only (so that the soldiers do not scatter across
the field) you need to set the option “attack only at a short distance” and put
them closer to these squares – the enemies themselves will run up, and the monks
can not only heal your soldier, but also to recruit enemy.

The better options

It’s better not to try to
immediately create a whole guard and take all the enemies “on board”, this is
unlikely to succeed. It is better to starve the enemies, gradually scattering
and destroying his soldiers, who are worth considerable resources. Resources
are not infinite, but it takes a very long time to restore them. When the
enemy’s resources are running out, he will no longer be able to create a large
army and he will be able to destroy even a couple of missiles and a dozen