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The Christmas Becomes the best with the Santa Letters

If you don’t know what to think for New Year’s entertainment, it is suggested you to fix a comic letter to Santa Claus, write it together and read it. This can be arranged in any fun mixed-age company adults write theirs, kids write theirs. Young children who cannot yet write can participate orally, or their thoughts will be written by someone from the elders.

Comic letter to Santa Claus (joint),

Spelling options:

  1. Place a sheet and a pen in a circle: One person wrote their 2-3 sentences to Grandpa, wrapped the sheet to hide what they had written, and moved on to the next. It happens to be better to provide the lined sheet and limit the fantasies to five lines. Note that it is advisable to write not only requests, but also wishes, criticisms and even constructive criticism.
  2. Everything is the same, but deliberately write exclusively about wishes; it will be interesting here a year later, when you read again and compare what came true and what didn’t.
  3. Each person present not only writes their own thoughts, but completes a sentence given by another person. This will slightly limit the freedom, but it gives an interesting result. The Holiday Host can start the phrase from his list: for each person personally, or write the beginning of it on a sheet of paper 1 time, hand it to the nearest guest, complete the phrase, wrap the sheet, write the beginning of a new sentence and hands it to your neighbour at the table.
  4. A person writes in some way from the above, but does not close all his text, but everything, except the final result: it can be read by the next participant of this game and used in its continuation.

Write a letter to Santa Claus – general rules

  • Make a writing plan with your child. Talk to him, search out what kind of gift the kid wishes to receive. Ponder the universal rules when writing a letter:
  • Begin writing your message with a warm greeting. Santa Claus use to like polite children, so at the beginning of the letter to santa to say hello;
  • Tell us about you. Don’t ask for gifts right away. The child will write his name, how old he is in which city he resides, what he use to enjoy and what he used to do for the last year. You might ask about the health of Santa Claus and thank him for last year’s gifts;
  • Share some good things your child has done in the past year.
  • Time to order a gift! Tell your child not to order something big or too expensive. Finally, the parents will buy the gift. Also skip the unrealizable wishes. No one will give a child a live horse. Query for what your child really wants.

Thanks to the kind magician for his attention. Finally, the child happens to write his name or signs.