V City Name General The Links: How They Are The Key To the SEO Process

The Links: How They Are The Key To the SEO Process

Inbound links are among the most important signals in Google’s algorithm. Here are 5 elements to determine if an inbound link is good.

The quality of the page on which your link appears

Google does not grant the same authority to all websites. This is the basis of the principles of PageRank and TrustRank. Google determines according to several criteria which sites are trustworthy.

A user would trust well-known pages that have been online for a long time and are visited regularly by a lot of people. Google also ranks websites according to its criteria. So you need to make sure that the page you want your site to appear on is trustworthy for Google. Thus, several indicators can be used such as the number of links pointing to the page on which you want to appear, the absence of spam and the user experience. As you will buy backlinks   you will need to be sure of the best use you can do to the same in the SEO process.

The quality of the domain on which your link appears

The quality of the domain should also be checked in the same way. It mainly depends on the age of the domain and the number of links pointing to the domain in question.

The relevance of the inbound link

For an inbound link to be relevant, it must help the website’s positioning on Google. Thus, the anchor text should be carefully written to help rank for keywords while being careful not to turn into a list of keywords. The link anchor text should have a reasonable word count and be natural.

The neighborhood of the inbound link

On the page, is your link the only one or a hundred other links are there too? If the page is full of links, it’s a safe bet that their value is not very high and the user experience is not very good.

It also means that low quality links are likely to end up on the page and therefore affect the quality of all other links on it.

In addition, everything suggests that the context of the page would also have an impact. It is therefore better to target pages whose surrounding text is of interest to your field of activity.

The link format

  • Finally, other elements can be evaluated regarding the format of the link itself.
  • So if you have a choice, choose the link over text rather than a photo for best results.
  • Also make sure that the URL is simple, i.e. there are no special characters like or which prevent Google from crawling your page.
  • So also avoid intermediaries such as tracking elements for statistics and links that lead to a redirect. Prefer the direct link to your web page.

Press Release (Relevant Content = Quality Backlinks)

Website referencing

The perfect press release to create the ideal backlink and as naturally as possible for your SEO. How to find partnerships to get links to your site? On quality directories of course but it is not sufficient as a strategy if it stops there.


Netlinking brings together the strategic intervention of several actions aimed at increasing the number and quality of links pointing to your web page. Effective Netlinking thus promotes referencing and therefore the positioning of a site due to the inclusion in the search engine algorithm of links pointing to the web page of your site.